Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Detox

The Ionic Detox Footbath ionizes pink himalayan salt through a weak electrical current. The Ionic Detox Therapy takes advantage of the foot's “healing” points by stimulating them through immersing the feet in water that is ionized with pink himalayan salt and a weak electrical current. This creates a balance of negative and positive ions that “neutralize'' charged ions in the body. Through this the neutralized particles and toxins are pulled out of the body. It may assist with: headache & pain relief, joint stiffness, sleep patterns, removal of heavy metals, menstrual pain, arthritis pain, and boosts the immune system as well as improving kidney and liver functions.


This treatment is not recommended for those who have been medically diagnosed with the following conditions:

  • ★ Women who are pregnant or nursing.
  • ★ Anyone with a weak heart.
  • ★ Anyone with open foot wounds, broken or irritated skin on the feet.
  • ★ Anyone with low blood sugar or diabetes should consult with a doctor before having the Ionic Cleanse Therapy.
  • ★ Anyone with a pacemaker or who takes heart-regulating medicines.
  • ★ Anyone who has had an organ transplant who is taking medication to prevent rejection
  • ★ Anyone taking any type of medication which if purged or excreted would incapacitate them mentally or physically.
  • ★ Anyone with certain types of metal implants in the body

Ionic Foot Detox Single Session

45 minutes - $50

Ionic Foot Detox Multi-Packs

4 pack = $180

6 pack = $265

8 pack = $335


Appointments are required for all services. Please let us know when booking your appointment if you have pre-purchased your session.

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